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Khajuraho Temples

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Khajuraho Travel Guide Khajuraho Travel Guide
Location : Khajuraho(175 km from Jhansi), Madhya Pradesh

About Khajuraho Temples
Khajuraho TemplesThe fascinating village of Khajuraho is located in the state of Madhya Pradesh in Cnetral India. Khajuraho has been endowed with a very vibrant and rich cultural legacy. The Khajuraho group of temples stand today to speak to the world of the ancient architectural brilliance of India. These exquisite group of temples magnetise tourists and visitors from every nook and corner of the world. The temples have acquired a World Heritage status and represent a civilisation which was fully considered and perfected. Regular flights link Khajuraho to cities like Delhi, Agra, Varanasi and Kathmandu.

The history of the Khajuraho Temples date back between 950 and 1050 AD. The temples were erected during the rulership of the Chandela dynasty. The word 'Khajuraho' comes from a Hindi word 'Khajur' meaning date palm trees. And the trees can well be fund in abundance in the area. Of a total of 85 temples, only 22 have escaped the ravages of time. These 22 temples exist to tell a glorious story that is still untold. It took ages for the temples to traverse their journey from anonymity to fame. It was only in this century that the temple were rediscovered and recognised.
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The Khajuraho group of temples symbolise the architectural genius of the Medieval Period in India. The murals and sculptures depict numerous scenes concerning the life and time of the Chandelas. The murals exist in celebration of the erotic state of being. The temples are testimony to the mastery of the ancient craftsmen and artisans. Each of the structures stand on a high platform. There are three main compartments namely the Ardhamandapa( the entrance), the Mandapa(the assembly hall) and the Grabha Griha( the actual sanctum). the whole group of temples fall into three geographical divisions namely the western group, the eastern group and the southern group of temples. The openings have lavishly carved archways. The ceilings bear intricate carvings. The carvings create an aura of sensuous eroticism that prevails throughout all of the sculptures. Needless to say, apart from being sensuous and erotic, the sculptures represent an accomplished level of detail.

The most compact and elaborate is the western group of temples. The group is the largest and consists of the most typical Khajuraho temples. The Kandariya Mahadeo, the Chaunsat Yogini, the Chitragupta Temple, the Vishwanath Temple and the Matangeshwara Temple fall into the western group. The eastern group comprises of temples like Parsavanatha, the Ghantai Temple, the Adinatha Temple, the Brahma Temple, the Vamana Temple and the Javari Temple. The Duladeo and the Chaturbhuj temples are in the southern group.

Other Attractions
» Khajuraho Dance Festival - Every year in the month of March is held the Khajuraho Dance Festival. The festival is celebrated to enliven the glorious past of the place. Celebrated artists from all parts of the country perform in the celebrations to the joy of thousands.

Khajuraho Dance Festivals » Mahashivaratri - The Mahashivratri festival is celebrated in the months of February/March. Several thousands of devotees arrive to take part in the celebrations and to pay their homage to their deities.

» Benisagar Lake - At a distance of 11 km from the village of Khajuraho lies the Benisagar Lake. The place is fit for picnicking and provides facilities of boating and angling.

» Ranch Waterfalls - The enchanting Ranch Waterfalls lie at a distance of 20 km from Khajuraho. The waterfall is also famous for rock formations.

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