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Khajuraho Tour

Visit Central India, its states and cities, famous for its monuments, forts, culture, pilgrimage centers, temples, caves, rivers etc.

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Want to see India and its best? Visit Central India and its colorful states, cities and ancient tourist attractions.

Central India is the only the part of India which produces everlasting medieval magic and historic splendor through its attractions.
About Khajuraho
KhajurahoAround 385 miles southeast Delhi, Khajuraho is a city in Chhatarpur district in the state of Madhya Pradesh. The name Khajuraho comes from the Hindi word 'Khajur', meaning date palm. The city of Khajuraho is one of the most popular tourist destinations in India. The city takes great pride in its largest group of medieval Hindu temples. The erotic sculptures of the temples have gained utmost popularity on account of their beautiful depiction of Kamasutra postures. These Khajuraho group of temples have also acquired World Heritage status.

Climate of Khajuraho
Khajuraho has an extreme type of climate. There is drastic variance in day and night temperatures. Temperature during the summers touches a high of 45 degrees centigrade while in winter it goes to down to a pleasant of 27 degrees. Winter months are the best time to visit the place. March is also an ideal time as the famous Khajuraho Dance Festival is held during this month.

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Major Attractions of Khajuraho
» The Khajuraho Group of Temples - Rediscoverd only in the 20th century, the Khajuraho temples are fantastic examples of ancient Indian architecture. The temples, built between 950 and 1050 AD, represent the Jain and the Brahminical faiths. Originally there were over 80 temples of which only 22 exist today and the whole complex is spread over an area of 21 sq km. The Khajuraho group of monuments have the privilege to be a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The earliest of the Khajuraho temples were made of coarse granite. The western group of temples are built in pink and yellow sandstone. The sandstone were brought in from Panna.

The Khajuraho group of temples have been divided into three categories- the western group, the eastern group and the southern group.

Erotic carved panel in temple of the Western group at Khajuraho » The Western Group of Temples - The western group of Khajuraho temples is located centrally in Khajuraho and is the largest of the other groups. The group includes some of the most outstanding monuments, built by the Chandela kings. One of the complexes comprises of the Lakshmana Temple, the Matangesvara Temple and the Varaha Temple. The Visvanatha Temple and the Nandi Temples are the other popular temples of the group.

» The Eastern Group of Temples - The eastern group consists of five detached sub groups. This group lies in the vicinity of the Khajuraho village. The group includes three Brahmanical and three Jain temples. Brahma, Vamana and Javari are the Brahmanical temples while the Jain temples comprises of the Ghantai, Adinath and Parsvanath temples.

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» The Southern Group of Temples - The most distant group is the southern group of temples comprising of two chief monuments- the Duladeo and the Chaturbhuja temples. The Duladeo temple lies at a distance of 1 km south of the Khajuraho village while the Chaturbhuja temple lies close to the Khajuraho Airport.

» The Dance Festival - Celebrated in the month of March, the Dance Festival attracts hordes of visitors from all corners. Far-famed classical dancers arrive here to perform to the cheering onlookers. Being here, the spectators own a chance of getting an insight into the traditional dance forms of the country, enjoying the enthralling environs at the same time.

Ken Gharial Sanctuary » Ken Gharial Sanctuary - The Ken Gharial Sanctuary lies at a distance of 24 km from Khajuraho. The sanctuary stands at the junction of Ken and Khudar rivers and is home to long snouted crocodiles.

Shopping - There are numerous stalls outside the Khajuraho temple gates selling handicrafts and souvenirs. A weekly market is also held at Rajinagar on Tuesdays. Rajinagar is located at a distance of 5 km from Khajuraho. If one intends to buy silver goods and brass ware then this market is worth visiting.

Accommodation - Accommodation is no big issue at Khajuraho and fair bunch of star-rated hotels awaits the visitors. Hotel Jass Trident, a 5-star, is located at a distance of 2 km from the airport. Another 5-star Hotel Taj Chandela is just 3 km from the Khajuraho Airport. Hotel Holiday Inn is a 4-star and is located in the heart of the city. The hotel is 1.5 km from the Khajuraho Temples. Hotel Clarks Khajuraho, Hotel Grand Temple View and Hotel Usha Bundela are 3-stars and are not far away from the Khajuraho Airport.

How To Reach
» Air - Regular flights from Khajuraho Airport link Khajuraho to Delhi, Agra and Varanasi.

» Railway - Harpalpur(94 km) and Mahoba(61 km) are the nearest railheads. Jhansi, 172 km from Khajuraho is a convenient railhead for those travelling from Delhi and Chennai.

» Road - Khajuraho is well connected by road to Satna, Harpalpur, Mahoba and Jhansi.

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