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Visit North India, its states and cities, famous for its monuments, forts, culture, pilgrimage centers, hill stations, rivers, mountains etc.

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Trip back in time and rediscover the multi-hued facets of India. You will simply fall in love with what awaits you here !

Want to see India and its best? Visit North India and its colorful states, cities and ancient tourist attractions.

Come to North India and explore its outstanding attractions, diverse culture, wildlife, rivers, amazing monuments and himalayan region.
Golden TemplePunjab is a state of India, located in the northwest part of the country. Chandigarh is the capital of Punjab, which is also the capital of neighbouring state Haryana. Other major cities of the state include Amritsar, Jalandhar, Ludhiana and Patiala. The literal meaning of Punjab is the 'Land of the Five Rivers', the five rivers after which Punjab is named are Jhelum, Ravi, Chenab, Beas and Sutlej. As the state is criss-crossed by many rivers most of the land of Punjab is fertile. Punjab is chief wheat producing region of the country, other important crops are rice, cotton, sugarcane, millet, maize and barley etc. Punjab the home of the Sikhs warriors, has steeped in rich history and culture of India.

The hearty people of the state are famous keeping their cultural heritage. Music and dance is flowing in their blood, which is reflected in the world famous Bhangra.

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Major Attractions
» Chandigarh - The capital city of Punjab is known for its modern architecture and planning all over the world. Chandigarh is famous for its tourist attractions, the most famous is Rock Garden. Other attraction of the city are the Capitol Complex, Secretariat, Assembly, High Court, The Open Hand Monument , Garden City, Tower of Shadows, Martyr's Memorial, Sukhna Lake, Leisure Valley, Rose Garden, Government Museum and Art Gallery, Museum of Evolution of Life and International Dolls Museum.

Rock Garden» Rock Garden - Situated in Chandigarh, the Rock Garden was built by Nek Chand. The unique garden Sprawling over the area of 64 acres, the Garden was constructed by the disposal of city waste and domestic garbage. The garden has no flowers or plants, but it has created with rocks and discarded objects like bottle tops, fluorescent lights, mud guard, tin cans, broken glass etc. The artist built, dolls and figures of birds, men and women and fixed them along the paths.

» Amritsar - Amritsar is the second largest city of Punjab. Amritsar is famous for the Golden Temple and Jallian Walan Bagh. Other important attractions in the city are the Durgiana Temple, Ram Bagh, Ram Thirth and Taren Taran.

» Golden Temple - The Golden temple or Hari Mandir is situated in Amritsar. The temple is considered to be the holiest of all the pilgrimage centres of Sikhism. Guru Arjan Sahib the fifth guru, constructed the temple with the help of other eminent Sikh personalities. Since its construction the Golden temple stands as a symbol of the magnificence and strength of the Sikhs all over the world. The temple is throng by a large number of pilgrims throughout the year, who also take bath in holy tank of the temple.
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» Jallian Wala Bagh - Located in Amritsar, the small park is known for its most notorious massacre under British rule in 1919. The massacre led by British General Dyer resulted in the death of 379 people and injure more than 1200. Today this site has changed to a park and a pleasant garden. At the entrance of the Bagh there is a memorial plaque which recalls the history.

» Ludhiana - The city also called as the Manchester of India is famous for its hosiery and woolen goods. The hosiery and woolen products are exported all over the world. The major tourist attractions in Ludhiana include Gurudwara Shrimanji Sahib Alamgir, Pir-I-Dastgir shrine, Phillaur Fort, Bilwanwali Masjid, Gurdwara Charan Kamal and Gurudwara Nanakasar Jagraon.

» Patiala - Patiala is the place which provide the much-needed tranquility far from chaos of the cities. Patiala is popular for its healthy food, loving people, wonderful parandaas, exciting Patiala peg and jootis.

» Jalandhar - Jalandhar earlier knowns as Jullundhar is situated at a distance of 80 Kms from Amritsar. The city ruled by the Hindus and the Mughals is believed to be the oldest city in Punjab. Today Jalandhar is a major industrial centre of India, and leading producers of the world class sports goods of the country. Its satellite towns Phagwara is popular for cloth manufacturing and drapary shops while Kartarpur is one of the biggest exporters of quality furniture.

» Air - Chandigarh and Amritsar airports are connected to major cities of the country India by regular flights. Indian airlines operates flights from Chandigarh to Delhi, Lucknow, Leh, and Amritsar. Jet air also operates regular flights to Chandigarh.

» Rail - Punjab is well-connected by rail to other parts of the country. The main railway stations of the state are Chandigarh, Amritsar, Ludhiana, Pathankot, and Jalandhar. The trains are available from these stations to many parts of the country.

» Road - The State Highways, National Highways and Grand Trink Road connect the state to rest of the country. The state run buses and private buses run for major cities of the state.

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